Part-1: Learn and Earn from Website or Blog

Let me start with my small introduction. My name is Reena. I am working as home maker and blog designer as a passion. In other words, I am doing blogging work as a part time job. Since I told that blogging is my passion, I manage to steal three to four hours from my daily routine work. I have chosen this field to make my identity and to do social service which I think I can do better for society. I think from my blogging and online resources many people get defiantly be benefited. Though I have not started blogging to earn money but I don’t hate money. Even I want to see- Can it really earn my pocket money? Even on the www there are numbers of advertisement flying about earning lot-lot-lot-lot and lots of money from internet. Mostly Earn by Typing two to three hours and earn 1000$ daily. Wow….but…..I can’t believe and never tried. Can you believe? Anybody who ever want to do part time job on internet they surly come across such attractive advertisement and website. I don’t know their truth and also don’t want to know.

But blogging is one of the carriers which many of the people have chosen as their full time job. When I started researching about such blogger I found that they are earning thousands of dollars in a week.

learn and earn dollars
learn and earn dollars

Is it not good to earn lot…lot and lots of money from their single website?  It really nice to think about it?  Is it not? What is your feeling? Please share your thoughts in the below comment box.

You may be thinking why I started this post? is it not? Surprise to here, I was also thinking the same before writing this post. But few of the questions in my brain forced me to write this blog.

  1. I want to clear my all doubts and other peoples doubt that we could really earn money from blog? It helps other new comers not to waste their precious time in blogging if they started blogging really to earn their livelihood, if it is not true.
  2. How much time it really takes to earn $1000 from the blog?
  3. I found it somewhat genuine way to make money online. What do you think?
  4. Is it easy job? Just making the site and putting some bla…bla…topics can make money for you?

So my blogging experiment is going to help many new comers who really want to start their carrier in blogging. To prove my experimental setup across all the reader

  1. I will genuinely show my monthly income regularly on my “Learn and Earn from website” post from my Google Adsense Account.
  2. I will show all the credential like CPC, CTR and others which accounts in earning.
  3. I will also write about all the other posts and taste of readers which earn better for my site.
  4. I will also write about all technical aspect I am implementing on my site like work towards Search Engine Optimization, back linking etc.

In my next post i.e. “Part-2 of Learn and earn from website”, I will come with all my statistics of Income from Google Adsense and my ranking. Keep reading this post if you really want to see the live experiment result of earning money from blogging.

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