Part 2: Learn and Earn from website /blog

In my previous post i.e.,  Part-1: Learn and Earn from website/blog I have promised to share my monthly estimated earnings through Google Adsense.  I have started this blogging experiments to prove the earnings of new blogs through Google Adsense and other means. My blogging experiment helps many new comers who really want to start their carrier in blogging. The experiment is also going to prove the estimated time it really takes to earn livelihood. I started this experiment since even I don’t know how many bloggers make money online.

Before starting this post I was working since last few months. In that duration I have written various posts (on Categories – Business, Technology and Tourisms), Published Free Preparation material with millions of multiple types’ questions on numbers of subjects, Free Online Examination System for the students and job seekers. I think I can help community by providing all this stuff free. I worked hard day and night to achieve this level.

As I told earlier that I have not created this blog for making money, but I love to write, love to make self helping community and many more. During this long duration I improved many things even started Google Adsense estimated earnings. Though it is at vary initial state but as I promise I regularly publish in the post. Today I will write the cumulative statistics of my site achieved through my past activities.

Now coming to live statistics of my website:

My free Alexa Global Ranking is 8, 82,160 and Rank in India is 44,347 as on 13-Jun-2016. Alexa Ranking Alexa Ranking

My Google Adsense Statistics:

My All Time Estimated Earning is $1.93, Total Page views till date is 4,087 with 12,621 Impressions and 25 Clicks. The screen shot of my Google Adsense page is show below –

Google Adsense till 13062016 from Starting
Google Adsense till 13-June-2016 from Starting

Though the displayed Estimated amount is very less and many of you laugh on me for making it public. But as you remember I have promised that regularly I will publish all my statistics as part of blogging experiments. You can’t imagine about my surprise when the estimated amount reached 1$. I jumped on the floor. This small experiment has clear many new comers doubt about how hard is this to earn from blogging. It is also a fact that I have not followed all the SEO tips to achieve this. Even I am not as good writer as other existing big bloggers who claims about huge earning from their blog.

In my next post i.e. “Part3 of Learn and earn from website/blog”, I will come with new up and down in statistics of Income from Adsense and my ranking. Keep reading this post if you really want to see the live experiment result of earning money from blogging.

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