Arthritis (Gathia)- Prevention and Cure

Now a day the problem of arthritis is observed in every age group. Most of the people search its cure only in medicines, but it does not cure completely or it just relieves them temporarily. If you want the permanent cure from Arthritis, walk regularly as much as possible. The wrong sitting posture, too much sit-up, stretching the knee more than 90 degree, over-weight, walking in more than 5 inch steps, standing too long deteriorate the soft tissue and bones of joints.  The arthritis due to these causes can also be called as Green flag Arthritis. Around 90% of the people suffer from this type of arthritis. The best thing about such arthritis is that you do not need to take any medicine or undergo surgery.

To cure this type of arthritis men needs to walk daily for 6 kilo meters per hour and women needs to walk 5 kilo meters per hour.

Around 10% of the arthritis are hereditary. Such arthritis are called autoimmune disease or red flag arthritis. This arthritis can found from children to 50 years of people. Some of the symptoms of this arthritis are – twisting of bones, weight loss, fever eye problems and lungs problem. This disease can only be cured by proper diagnosis and good medication.

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The content is taken from the Hindi News paper Dainik Jagaran 22,October 2017.


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