UPPSC (Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission) Lecturer Interview

Uttar Pradesh Public  Service Commission conducts  Lecturer Interview of various subjects. The interview board consist of three members. I am writing here about the interview of Computer Lecturer. The complete process from document verification to interview involves various steps –

  1. Please reach the venue 15 minutes before the mentioned reporting time.
  2. At the first counter in front of UPPSC venue , you have to submit your mobile. They will issue an aluminium token. Don’t worry , you will get your mobile phones after the interview after returning back the token.
  3. Keep your interview call letter in your hand. Now you can proceed to main gate. The security personnel will allow inside the gate after seeing your interview call letter.
  4. Important Note: Keep a set of educational and experience certificate. If there is anything printed on the backside of your mark sheet then it should also take the  xerox of it. The want to see the maximum marks specified by particular board/university. Please also bring consolidated mark sheet of your university degree. It generally contains the total marks obtained in the degree and the maximum marks of the complete degree.
  5. Rs. 100/- will be deposited before or after the document verification in the same hall where they conduct document verification. After depositing fees and document verification, ask the same person where to proceed next.
  6. Move to next building as said by document verification team/person. Don’t worry, all the building have unique names.
  7. In the next building your are asked to paste to passport size photo in a form. There are three people who will verify your photo with your face. After putting seal on the form , they will give that form and your are send for other room. Here in this room they will allot some number on this form. It is generally the order of interviewing candidates(not always).
  8. Now you wait for your turn of interview. Don’t worry here you can go to rest room. It is near your waiting room. (separate for both ladies and gents).
  9. Interview board : Interview board  consist of three members. They look like the most experienced people. It seems that they don’t have any details of candidate.

The first person asked –

  1. Where you are working ? Hint: experienced person should have historical knowledge of his previous employer.

The second person asked-

  1. What is software analysis?
  2. What is waterfall model and how it differ from software analysis ?
  3. What are the tools used in software analysis?

The third person asked –

  1. Who is the founder of your previous organization and when it was established?
  2. Given scenario of Asian games. How you will design the network fro them?
  3. Why LAN is so shorter?


Good Luck.

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