Chapter-16-Creating SSRS Linked Report

Linked reports(Child) can be seen as a shortcut to the original report(Parent). Generally it is developed by creating a link on parent report. On clicking the parent report child report is opened on the same window dependent on the parameter values passed.

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Step-1: Designed a simple tabular SSRS Report using the following query as it was desigend in “Chapter1-Creating a basic SSRS Report”.

SELECT CategoryID,CategoryName,Description,Picture FROM Categories

Report Created in Chapter1-Creating a basic SSRS Report
Report Created in Chapter1 – Creating a basic SSRS Report

Name this report as “Chapter-16-Creating SSRS Linked Report-Parent”, now create a Tabular child report with the following query

SELECT ProductID,ProductName,QuantityPerUnit,UnitPrice,UnitsInStock  FROM Products where CategoryID=@CatID

With name “Chapter-16-Creating SSRS Linked Report-Child” as shown in the image.

Linking SSRS Reports

On Preview of the Report it will prompt for a parameter “CatID”. Provide the specific CatID the report will be generated as given below.

Preview of SSRS Report
Preview of Report

Step-2: Open the report “Chapter-16-Creating SSRS Linked Report-Child” in the design view and right click on “CategoryID” and choose “Text Box Properties..” as shown.

right click on “CategoryID” and choose “Text Box Properties..”
Right click on “CategoryID” and choose “Text Box Properties..”

A Text Box Properties window will appear now goto “Action” option as shown and choose the following options

Enable as an action: Go to Report

Specify a Report :Chapter-16-Creating SSRS Linked Report-Child

Change action option
Change action option

And click on add button to add a Parameter to run the report and set the parameter as shown above on the screen and click on ok. Now Preview the Parent Report it will look as.

Preview the Parent Report
Preview Parent Report

The column “CategoryID” is not shown as Hyperlink so, change the color of the CategoryID to “Dark Blue” its font weigh to Bold and select Underline from the standard toolbar as shown. The Preview of the Report will look as

Dark Blue Child Link from Parent Report

On Clicking on any of the “CategoryID” value  of above Report a Linked Child Report will open as shown below.

Child Report Linked to Parent Report in SSRS
Child Report Linked to Parent Report in SSRS

Go to Design view of the child report and Double Click on Parameter “CatID” a Report parameter Properties will be opened and choose “Hidden” from Select Parameter Visibility and click ok.

Select Parameter Visibility and click ok
Select Parameter Visibility and click ok

Now Preview the Parent Report and click again on the “CategoryID” now child report will open without showing any parameter value and parameter is passed to child report internally. This completes “Chapter-16-Creating SSRS Linked Report”.

Preview of Final Report
Preview of Final Report

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