Medical Store Inventory & Billing System

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  1. Medical Store Inventory & Billing System
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Medical Store Inventory & Billing System

Product Code : M247

User/ Client : Small and big medical stores, Hospital Medical Store, Multiple Counter based medical stores
Medical Store Inventory & Billing System is for maintaining stock & customer billing all type of Medical Stores Items. It includes Pharmacy Billing, Laboratory Test Billing, Return Billing and many useful reports. It is developed keeping in view the computers connected in network and hence billing is possible at a time from same stock with two or more computers. It includes the following major modules and entry screens.

  • Item Master Entry
  • Laboratory test master entry
  • Opening stock entry
  • Purchase entry
  • Stock Update
  • Customer Billing(Medicine)
  • Customer Billing(Laboratory Test)
  • Item issued to wards

1. Login screen


  1. Main Menu Screen

  1. Item Master Entry Screen


  1. Laboratory Test Master Entry.


  1. Opening Stock Entry


6. Purchase Entry


  1. Medicine Billing


  1. Medical Test Billing/ Pathology Billing


9. Item Return Billing


10. Item issued to ward


Important available Reports are –

  1. Day End Register Medicine

2. Day end Register(Medical Test)

3. Item sold summary

4. Items Issued to wards

5. Purchase From Report

6. Fast Moving Item Report

7. Current Stock Report

8. Medicine going to expire report

9. Stock Below re-order level (Stock Alert )

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