PHP dbase PECL library to read DBF file in PHP

Sometime we need to read the data from DBF files.  By using PHP library function provided by PHP Extension Community Library (PECL) we can easily read DBF file in our PHP program. To install the dbase PECL library in UBUNTU 16.04 the following procedure can be used.

Installing DBASE PECL extension in UBUNTU 16.04 and PHP 5.6

STEP-1: Execute the below statement by login in UBUNTU through  ROOT user or using SUDO to sudoers users one by one.

tar -xzf dbase-5.0.1.tgz
cd dbase-5.0.1
make install

STEP -2 :  Locate the php.ini file ( Usually located at /etc/php/5.6/apache2/php.ini ) and add the following line just below the visible extensions.


Please confirm that there should not be any semicolon(;) preceding the extension. The semicolon is used to make it comment.

STEP -3 : Restart the apache server by issuing the following command

service apache2 restart



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