Faster Export/Import SQL Server Utility for Bulk Data transfer

Faster Export/Import SQL Server Utility for Bulk Data transfer
SQL Server Export/Import Utility for bulk conditional or filtered data from Select Query

There are many situations when we need the subset of rows from the selected tables of the database and the sizes of those selected rows are too high. In such situation this utility can export or import data quickly within few seconds/minutes depends on the size. The in-built export/import of database takes longer time to perform the operation as compared to this utility.

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This Tool is designed in windows application with Visual Studio 2010 and it is a using BCP command-line tool that uses the Bulk Copy Program (BCP) API to bulk copy data between an instance of SQL Server and a data file. By using the utility, you can export data from a SQL Server database into a data file, import data from a data file into a SQL Server database.



As per the screen shot, it has two functionality “Export Data from SQL Server” and “Import Data to SQL” server”.

Export Data from SQL Server:

Provide the credential of SQL server Database like Server name/ Server IP Address, Username and Password and click on Connect button.

Data Export Tool

On successful connection, you can see all the available databases in Select Database Combo box. Select the required database and then Select the Table you want to export. On clicking the required column a default Export Query will be generated, please change the query as desired and now please click on “Browse Folder” button to choose the system folder on which the Exported Data can be save in the text file.  Now click on “Export Data” button, the Data will be exported to the desired location with default text file name “TableName-bcp.txt”.

Import option of the Utility:

This tool is used to import the bulk data from text file created from the export tool to desired SQL Server Location. After providing the correct authentication click on connect button, the “Select Database” and “Select Table” combo will populate automatically. Please choose the correct Database and respective table with same structure as that of exported table. Now located the text file generated earlier from the system folder and click on “Import”  Data will be imported to desired location.

Data Export Tool

Please note the tool will follow the constraint applicable on the table, so duplicated data will not be imported. Please contact at for any further query for review.


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