Chapter-12 : Working with Data Bars in SSRS

SSRS Reports can be used to Create “Data Bars”. Data Bars are used to make “Tornado charts” which represent Graphical Bars along with SSRS Reports to show how values are distributed.

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Download Source Code for Creating Data Bars in SSRS

Step-1: Create a SSRS Report Server Project with name “BasicSSRSChapter12” and create a new tabular report with the following query.

select ProductID,ProductName,QuantityPerUnit,UnitsInStock from Products

using “NorthwindDataSource” (Create Shared Data Source with SQL Server Northwind Database ) as shown in the image. Add one, more column to right side of report and choose “UnitInStock” Item again by right click on fifth column as shown in the image.

Data bars in SSRS

Rename the Label of fifth column to “Data Bar(Stock Position)”. Now from the Report Item toolbox and drag and drop a Data Bar control on to the Fifth column as shown in image.

Rename the Label of fifth column
Rename the Label of fifth column

Please choose the “Stacked bar” Data Bar type as shown in the image as shown with red rectangle and click ok.

Please choose the "Stacked bar" Data Bar type
Please choose the “Stacked bar” Data Bar type

Right click on the Data Bar column(fifth Column) and from the context menu, choose Chart Properties as shown.

Choose Chart Properties as shown
Choose Chart Properties as shown

In the General section of the Chart Properties window, choose Earth tones from the Color Pallet drop down.

Choose Earth tones from the Color Pallet drop down
Choose Earth tones from the Color Pallet drop down

And in the Fill section, choose Gradient in the Fill Style and provide some suitable gradients as shown.

, choose Gradient in Choose the Fill Style and provide some suitable gradients
Now Preview the Report, this completes “Chapter-12 : Working with Data Bars”

Preview of SSRS Data Bar
Preview of SSRS Data Bar

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