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Question 1 : An archive is a
Option-1 :on- line back up
Option-2 :historical back-up
Option-3 :real-time back-up
Option-4 :Tape back-up
Question 2 : The difference between highest and lowest frequency is known as
Option-1 :pipelining
Option-2 :back up
Option-3 :storage
Option-4 :band width
Question 3 : Baud is a measure for
Option-1 : light
Option-2 :propagation delay
Option-3 :signal changes/second
Option-4 :speed of EM waves
Question 4 : To connect LANs together
Option-1 :router
Option-2 :Bridges
Option-3 :Switch
Option-4 :hub
Question 5 : Back end systems
Option-1 :Provides service to users
Option-2 :Asks services from clients
Option-3 :NOS
Option-4 :None
Question 6 : Connections are made only when needed for file transfer
Option-1 :leased lines
Option-2 :dial up line
Option-3 :digital line
Option-4 :none
Question 7 : CORBA Stands For
Option-1 :Communication on real big apertures
Option-2 :Common object request Broker architecture
Option-3 :Common request busy apertures
Option-4 :none
Question 8 : Replace blank spaces with a compression code
Option-1 :Key word encoding
Option-2 :Run length compression
Option-3 :Null compression
Option-4 :Hamming code
Question 9 : MPEG stands for
Option-1 :Motion picture experts group
Option-2 :Moving picture experts group
Option-3 :Moving picture experts graphics
Option-4 :none
Question 10 : To keep sensitive infomation private
Option-1 :Flow control
Option-2 :Decoding
Option-3 :cryptography
Option-4 :Decryption
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