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Question 1 : Power gain db is given as
Option-1 :20log10 pout/pin
Option-2 :10log10 pout/pin
Option-3 :log10 pout/pin
Option-4 :10log10 pin /pout
Question 2 : current gain in dB is given as
Option-1 :20log10 Iout/Iin
Option-2 :20log10 Iin /Iout
Option-3 :10log10 Iout/Iin
Option-4 :log10 Iout/Iin
Question 3 : voltage gain is db is given as
Option-1 :20log10 Vin/Vout
Option-2 :20log10Vout/Vin
Option-3 :log10Vout/Vin
Option-4 :10log10Vout/Vin
Question 4 : Which of the following type of circuit does not need a coupling capacitor?
Option-1 :resistence loaded
Option-2 :impedence couple
Option-3 :singlel tuned
Option-4 :transformer coupled
Question 5 : Class -A amplifier are characterized by
Option-1 :maximum efficiency and maximum distortion
Option-2 :maximum efficiency and minimum distortion
Option-3 :minimum efficiency and minimum distortion
Option-4 :minimum efficiency and maximum distortion
Question 6 : In class-B operation of amplifiers , current flows through the active device for
Option-1 :whole of the input cycle
Option-2 :half of the input cycle
Option-3 :a very small part of input signal period
Option-4 :none of these
Question 7 : Harmonicdistortion in amplifier is caused by
Option-1 :presence of short noise
Option-2 :non linearity of characteristics of active devices
Option-3 :positive feedback from output to input
Option-4 :none of these
Question 8 : Power transistors are invariably provided with
Option-1 :heat sink
Option-2 :metallic casing
Option-3 :soldered connections
Option-4 :fan for heat removal
Question 9 : With both junction reserve biased , the transistor operates in
Option-1 :active region
Option-2 :cut off region
Option-3 :saturation region
Option-4 :inverted region
Question 10 : A narrow band amplifier is one that has a pass band
Option-1 :limited to 2000Hz only
Option-2 :limited to audio frequency range only
Option-3 :approximately 10 % of its central frequency
Option-4 :some where in the region near the cut off region of the active device used
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