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Question 1 : Which part of motor can be easily indentified with DC motor
Option-1 :sliprings
Option-2 :armature
Option-3 :type of winding
Option-4 :commutator
Question 2 : DC motors are considered suitable for which of the following applications
Option-1 :fan
Option-2 :water pump
Option-3 :traction
Option-4 :floor mills
Question 3 : Which of the motor is preferarable for cranes and hoists
Option-1 :shunt motor
Option-2 :cumulative motor
Option-3 :series motor
Option-4 :any of the above
Question 4 : which application requires high starting torque
Option-1 :electric locomotives
Option-2 :lathe m/c
Option-3 :reciprocating pump
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 5 : The breaking system used in diesel traction is
Option-1 :vaccum type
Option-2 :hydraulic type
Option-3 :regenerative type
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 6 : A DC generator can be termed as
Option-1 :power pump
Option-2 :prime mover
Option-3 :rotating amplifer
Option-4 :power line
Question 7 : In a DC m/c brilliant , noisy blue and green sparks indicate
Option-1 :winding fault
Option-2 :excessive brush wear
Option-3 :disintegration of brush
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 8 : The supply terminal for a DC shunt motor are reversed. What will be effect on the motor
Option-1 :it will run as a DC generator
Option-2 :it will run in reverse direction
Option-3 :it will stop
Option-4 :it will burn
Question 9 : A Pure capacitance is connected at 220 , 50hz, supply , the power consumption is 0.02 W. This consumption is attributed to
Option-1 : loss of energy in the dieletric
Option-2 : square(I)xR due to ohmic resistance of plates
Option-3 :both (A)&(B) above
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 10 : Ohm is not the unit of
Option-1 :capacitive reatance
Option-2 :inductive reatance
Option-3 :inductance
Option-4 :resistance
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