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Question 1 : Operation of fuse is based upon
Option-1 :Photo electric effect
Option-2 :Heating effect of current
Option-3 :Magnetic effect of current
Option-4 :None of the above
Question 2 : The operating speed of a relay depends upon the
Option-1 :rate of flux build up
Option-2 :Asmature core air gap
Option-3 :Spring tension
Option-4 :All of the above
Question 3 : Under - voltage relays are mostly used for
Option-1 :Transformer protection
Option-2 :Busbar protection
Option-3 :Motor protection
Option-4 :feeder prodection
Question 4 : Which of the protective device operates when the prime mover fails
Option-1 :Over current relay
Option-2 :Reverse Power relay
Option-3 :Directional over current relay
Option-4 :Circuit Breaker
Question 5 : What protection is provided in the system for the surge of over voltage during bad weather condition
Option-1 :Over Current relay
Option-2 :Circuit braker
Option-3 :Lighting assestor
Option-4 :Vaccuum circuit breakers
Question 6 : Field failure protection is provided for
Option-1 :Motors
Option-2 :Generators
Option-3 :Magnetic cranes
Option-4 :Transformer
Question 7 : Thermocouples are embedded in the stator windings to help in the operation of
Option-1 :Over Current Relay
Option-2 :Circuit Braker
Option-3 :Thermal Overload Relay
Option-4 :None of the above
Question 8 : In thermal over current relay the sensitive divice used is
Option-1 :Thermocouple
Option-2 :Bimetallic strip
Option-3 :Thysistor
Option-4 :thermometer
Question 9 : The type of relays used for the service in electric power system are of
Option-1 :Electro-Mechanical
Option-2 :Electronic
Option-3 :Machanical
Option-4 :None of the above
Question 10 : Protection against what types of faults is the Backup protection employed
Option-1 :Over load faults
Option-2 :Reverse power faults
Option-3 :Short circuit faults
Option-4 :All of the above
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