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Question 1 : the bedding on cable consist of
Option-1 :jute strand
Option-2 :hessian tape
Option-3 :paper tape compunded with fiberous matueal
Option-4 :any of the above
Question 2 : conduit pipe is generally employed for protection of
Option-1 :unsheathed cable
Option-2 :armoured cable
Option-3 :pvc sheathed cable
Option-4 :all the above
Question 3 : sheaths are used in cable to
Option-1 :provide proper insulation
Option-2 :provide mechanical strenth
Option-3 :prevent ingress of moisture
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 4 : the material commonly used for sheath of underground cable is
Option-1 :copper
Option-2 :lead
Option-3 :steel
Option-4 :rubber
Question 5 : shunt capacitance is neglec`ted in case of
Option-1 :short transmission line
Option-2 :medium transmission line
Option-3 :long transmissiom line
Option-4 :medium and long transmission line
Question 6 : the effect of capacitance can be neglected when length of overhead line does exceeds
Option-1 :20km
Option-2 :60km
Option-3 :120km
Option-4 :300km
Question 7 : 120km long transmission line is considered as
Option-1 :short line
Option-2 :medium line
Option-3 :long line
Option-4 :either (a) or (b)
Question 8 : Transposition of transmission line is done to
Option-1 :reduce line losses
Option-2 :reduce skin effect
Option-3 :balance line voltage drop
Option-4 :reduce corona
Question 9 : high voltage transmission line are transposed because then
Option-1 :corona losses can be minimised
Option-2 :computation of inductance becomes easier
Option-3 :voltage drop in lines can be minimised
Option-4 :phase voltage imbalance can be minimised
Question 10 : Transposition of transmission line is done to reduce
Option-1 :line losses
Option-2 :capacitive effect
Option-3 :disturbance to nearby communication circiut
Option-4 :effect of surge voltages induced on line
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