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Question 1 : Monolithic integrated circuit design is based on
Option-1 :extensive use of resistor and capacitorcoupling
Option-2 :using transistors and diodes wherever possible rather than resistors and capacitors
Option-3 :using high values of resistors and capacitors
Option-4 :making the area of the circuit elements as large as possible
Question 2 : Application of integrated circuits in measuring instruments
Option-1 :wil not involve linear types
Option-2 :will take advantage of their low operating voltage and low power consumption
Option-3 :is not feasible from the suitability view point
Option-4 :will require the development of special types of circuits
Question 3 : The greatest cause of unreliability in solid state equipments is failure of ;
Option-1 :diffused resistors
Option-2 :transistor structures
Option-3 :wiring interconnections
Option-4 :discrete components
Question 4 : Digital integrated circuits are designed for application
Option-1 :voltage comparator circuit
Option-2 :analog industrial control equipment
Option-3 :audio amplifiers
Option-4 :logic systems for digital computers
Question 5 : Digital computers ;
Option-1 :have always used transistor memory circuit s
Option-2 :are still being developed using discrete components
Option-3 :are generally designed so that a particular computer uses only one type of logic circuit throughtout
Option-4 :have not been influenced significantly by the developement of integrated circuits
Question 6 : Reliability of IC's can be improved by :
Option-1 :reducing the number of interconnections
Option-2 :reducing the component size
Option-3 :additional testin
Option-4 :operation at high temperature
Question 7 : In monolithic IC:
Option-1 :all components are fabricated in a single wafer of semiconductor material
Option-2 :each component is formed on a separate wafer of semiconductor material
Option-3 :active components are assembled as separate wafer
Option-4 :the components are not isolated from each other
Question 8 : monolothic IC's:
Option-1 :are not made with silicon
Option-2 :are made using the diffused planar process
Option-3 :have an interconnection pattern formed under the final oxide
Option-4 :are made on ceramic substrates
Question 9 : In monolithic intergrated circuits, resistors are formed from:
Option-1 :aluminium
Option-2 :p-type semicondutors
Option-3 :manganin wire
Option-4 :cermic material
Question 10 : An IC with 160 components is an example of:
Option-1 :SSI
Option-2 :MSI
Option-3 :LSI
Option-4 :VLSI
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