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Question 1 : The secondary of three phase welding transformer is
Option-1 :Delta connected
Option-2 :Star connected
Option-3 :Depends upon welding current requirement
Option-4 :None as above
Question 2 : Single phase welding transfomers are not preferred for larger welding jobs due to :
Option-1 :Requirement of larger winding size
Option-2 :Non-availability of higher current rating D.P switches
Option-3 :Poor power factor operation
Option-4 :Highly unbalancing reactive operation affecting the entire section of the distributor line
Question 3 : It is through the............. that stabilisation of arc is achieved in D.C generator
Option-1 :Crossing magnetising effect of armature reaction
Option-2 :Demagnetising effect of armature reaction
Option-3 :None of the two effects;
Question 4 : A cooling system that does warm up the atmoshpher in the event of low ambient coniditons
Option-1 :room cooler
Option-2 :desert cooler
Option-3 :air- conditioner
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 5 : The cooling system that stops cooling when the humidity is excessive in the space being cooled as.
Option-1 :room cooler
Option-2 :desert cooler
Option-3 :air-conditioner
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 6 : A system in which water is added to cool some part of the system and not be transferred to the space being cooled
Option-1 :room cooler
Option-2 :desert cooler
Option-3 :air-conditioner
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 7 : A cooling system that de-humanities the atmosghpere is
Option-1 :room cooler
Option-2 :desert cooloer
Option-3 :air- conditioner
Option-4 :none as above
Question 8 : Despite the Refrigerator remaining across the supply during the period of defrosting
Option-1 :The compressor stops running
Option-2 :The compressor remains active but the thermostat setting is changed
Option-3 :The thermostat contacts are mechanically opened resulting in motor circuit de-energised(during the period of defrosting)
Question 9 : The process of defrosting can be .
Option-1 :Manual
Option-2 :Semi -auto
Option-3 :Automatic
Option-4 :all as above.
Question 10 : In a common refrigerator of today ,during the period of defrotsing the electric supply.
Option-1 :Is disconnected
Option-2 :Remains connected.
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