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Elective 11
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Question 1 : Plugging of a motor means that
Option-1 :to gear up the motor
Option-2 :to stop the motor
Option-3 :to change of connection
Option-4 :to open the star connection
Question 2 : In the plugging process of the motor, one special type switch is employed that switch is called
Option-1 :centrifigul switch
Option-2 :limit switch
Option-3 :zero-speed plugging switch
Option-4 :rotary switch
Question 3 : Dynamic braking of a motor can be done by appling
Option-1 :DC supply in phases
Option-2 :DC supply in two phase together & third phase
Option-3 :Both (a) & (c)
Option-4 :None of the above
Question 4 : In dynamic braking a seperate source is required that is driven from
Option-1 :storage battery
Option-2 :rectifier assemble
Option-3 :AC source
Option-4 :both (b) & (c)
Question 5 : The synchronous motor is similar to that of the
Option-1 :Single phase induction motor
Option-2 :3 phase niduction motor
Option-3 :dc motor
Option-4 :compount genrator
Question 6 : The field of the synchronous motor is exited from a
Option-1 :AC source
Option-2 :Separate dc source
Option-3 :dc generator counted the same motor sraft
Option-4 :both (b) & (c)
Question 7 : To enable the synchronous motor to ran a the synchronous speed the motor field wilding is erergised by means of a schame when
Option-1 :motor start
Option-2 :motor at rest
Option-3 :motor reaches neas to its synchromous speed
Option-4 :None of the above
Question 8 : The number of rotor pole nin the synchronous motor is always
Option-1 :Equal to that of the stator pole
Option-2 :Half that of the stator pole
Option-3 :Quarter that of the stator pole
Option-4 :None of the above answer is correct
Question 9 : If a 4 pole inducton motor connected to 3 phose, 50H2 and running at 1500rpm then
Option-1 :slip is maximum
Option-2 :slip is zero
Option-3 :slip is minimum
Option-4 :slip is 2/3
Question 10 : When speed of an induction attend to its maximum rpm the rotor voltage become
Option-1 :Maximum
Option-2 :zero
Option-3 :Minimum
Option-4 :Infinity
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