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Question 1 : In SI system the frequency is expressed in
Option-1 : Hz
Option-2 : Hz/s
Option-3 :cycles
Option-4 :none of these
Question 2 : The standard supply frequency in India is
Option-1 :25 Hz
Option-2 :50 Hz
Option-3 :60 Hz
Option-4 :100 Hz
Question 3 : The frequency of an alternating quantity is
Option-1 :the speed with which the alternator runs
Option-2 :the number of direction reversals in per second
Option-3 :the number of cycles completed per second
Option-4 :number of cycles completed per minute
Question 4 : The time-period or periodic time T of an alternating quantity is the time taken in seconds to complete
Option-1 :1 cycle
Option-2 :1 alternation
Option-3 :2 cycles
Option-4 :none of these
Question 5 : The time-period of an alternating quantity is 0.02 second. Its frequency will be
Option-1 :25 Hz
Option-2 :50 Hz
Option-3 :100 Hz
Option-4 :0.02 Hz
Question 6 : Which of the following parameters has minimum value in series resonant circuit & maximum value in parallel resonant circuit?
Option-1 :impedance
Option-2 :power factor
Option-3 :current
Option-4 :voltage magnification
Question 7 : A current is said to be alternating when it changes in
Option-1 :magnitude only
Option-2 :direction only
Option-3 :both direction & magnitude
Option-4 :none of these
Question 8 : The direction of current in an ac circuit
Option-1 :is from positive to negative
Option-2 :is always in one direction
Option-3 :varies from instant to instant
Option-4 :cannot be determined
Question 9 : The most important advantage of using electrical energy in the form of ac is
Option-1 :the construction cost per kWof ac generated is lower than that of dc generator
Option-2 :conductor of smaller cross-section is required in case of ac in comparison to dc for carrying the same current
Option-3 :less insulation is required in case for ac
Option-4 :transformation of voltage is possible in case of ac only
Question 10 : An alternating current of frequency 50 Hz & maximum value 200 A is given as
Option-1 :i= 200 sin 628t
Option-2 :i= 200 sin 314t
Option-3 :i=100 sin 314t
Option-4 :i=100 sin 157 t
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