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Question 1 : The rate of corrosion of iron in atmosphere depends upon :
Option-1 :the humaidity of the atmosphere.
Option-2 :the degree of pollution of atmosphere.
Option-3 :the frequency of rain fall.
Option-4 :all of these factors.
Question 2 : In water-line corrosion, the maximum amount of corrosion takes place :
Option-1 :along a line just above the level of water meniscus.
Option-2 :along a line at the level of water meniscus.
Option-3 :along a line just below the level of water meniscus.
Option-4 :at the bottom of vessel.
Question 3 : Which of the following is a linear polymer ?
Option-1 :Nylons.
Option-2 :Bakelite.
Option-3 :Low-density polythene.
Option-4 :Melamine-formaldehyde polymer.
Question 4 : Terylene is
Option-1 :an addition polymer with a benzene ring in every repeating unit.
Option-2 :a condensation polymer with a benzene ring in every repeating unit.
Option-3 :an addition polymer with two carbon atoms in every repeating unit.
Option-4 :a consdensation polymer with two atoms in every repeating unit.
Question 5 : Teylon is obtained by polymensation of :
Option-1 :vinyl chloride.
Option-2 :tetrachloro ethylene.
Option-3 :tetrafluro ethylene.
Option-4 :none of the above.
Question 6 : Rusting of iron is
Option-1 :enhanced by wet air.
Option-2 :prevented on coating with zinc.
Option-3 :prevented, if the article connected with a wire of Mg.
Option-4 :retarded in the presence of dissolved salts.
Question 7 : When a buried pipeline is protected from corrision by connecting to Mg block, it is called
Option-1 :impressed voltage protection.
Option-2 :sacrificial cathodic protection.
Option-3 :sacrificial anodic protection.
Option-4 :any of these.
Question 8 : Corrosion in essence is a process of
Option-1 :reduction.
Option-2 :oxidation.
Option-3 :electrolysis.
Option-4 :extraction of metals.
Question 9 : Electro-chemical corrosion can occur only if :
Option-1 :oxygen in oresent in contact with metal.
Option-2 :air is present in contact with metal.
Option-3 :liquid medium is in contact with metal.
Option-4 :none of the above are present.
Question 10 : During galvanic corrosion, the more noble metal acts as :
Option-1 :anode.
Option-2 :cathode.
Option-3 :anode as well as cathode.
Option-4 :conoding metal.
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