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Question 1 : In a cantilever beam of olength l subjected a uniformly distributed load of w per unit length,k the maximu7m deflection lies at the fixed end.
Option-1 :yes
Option-2 :no
Question 2 : A cantilever beam of length l carries a gradually varying load from zero at free end and w per unit length at the fixed end. The maximum deflection lies at
Option-1 :free end
Option-2 :fixed end
Option-3 :mid-span
Option-4 :1/3 from from fixed end
Question 3 : The simply supported beam 'A' of length l carries a central point load W. Another beam 'B' is loaded with a uniformlly distributed load such that the total load on the beam is w. The ratio of maximum deflections between beamks Aa and B is
Option-1 :5/8
Option-2 :8/5
Option-3 :5/4
Option-4 :4/5
Question 4 : Which of the following statement is wrong?
Option-1 :In the theory of simple bending, the assumption is that the plane section before bending remains pla
Option-2 :In a beam subjected to bending moments the strain is directly proportional to the distance from the
Option-3 :At the neutral axis of a beam, kthe bending stress is maximam.
Option-4 :The bending stress in a beam is inversely proportional to the section modullus.
Question 5 : A rectangular beam of length l supported at its two ends carries a central point load W. The maximm um delfection occurs
Option-1 :at the ends
Option-2 :at 1/3 from both ends
Option-3 : at the centre
Option-4 :non of the above
Question 6 : The maximum shear stress developed in a beam of rectangular section is.............the average shear stress.
Option-1 :equal to
Option-2 :4./3times
Option-3 :1.5 times
Option-4 :1.75 times
Question 7 : The maximum sheer stress developed in a beam of circular section is ...............the average sheer stress
Option-1 :equal to
Option-2 :4/3 times
Option-3 :1.5 times
Option-4 :1.75 times
Question 8 : The rectangular beam 'A' hass length l width b and depth d. Another beam 'B' has the same length and depth but width is double that of 'A'.The elastic strenth of beam 'B' will be............... as compared to beam 'A'.
Option-1 :same
Option-2 :double
Option-3 :four times
Option-4 :six times
Question 9 : When a contilever beam is loaded the maximum compressive stress is developed on the
Option-1 :top layer
Option-2 :bottom layer
Option-3 :neutral axis
Option-4 :every cross-section
Question 10 : When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the zero stress is developed on the niutral axis.
Option-1 :True
Option-2 :False
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