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Question 1 : Concrete in alkali soils and for use in alkaline water should
Option-1 :have low water cement ratio
Option-2 :have high water cement ratio
Option-3 :use rich mix
Option-4 :should have high alumina cement
Question 2 : Addition of 2 % calcium chloride in concrete results in
Option-1 :lesser strength
Option-2 :more strength
Option-3 :reduction in setting time to almost one-third of the normal
Option-4 :gives better surface finish
Question 3 : Which one of the following has injurious effect on the concrete
Option-1 :caustic soda
Option-2 :washing soda
Option-3 :sugar solution
Option-4 :alcohols
Question 4 : The process of keeping concrete wet to enable it to attain full strength is known as
Option-1 :curing
Option-2 :wetting
Option-3 :drenching
Option-4 :quenching
Question 5 : A cement having less aluminate will have
Option-1 :high ultimate strength
Option-2 :less generation of heat
Option-3 :less cracking and resistance to acid attak
Option-4 :any of the above
Question 6 : The setting and hardening of cemet after the addition of water is due to
Option-1 :binding action of water
Option-2 :evaporation of water
Option-3 :some additional chemicals added to cemet
Option-4 :hydration and hydrolysis of some constituent compounds of cement which acts as glue
Question 7 : Concrete is considered as unsuitable for compaction by vibration if it is
Option-1 :plastic
Option-2 :semi plastic
Option-3 :dry
Option-4 :moist earth
Question 8 : Disintegration of concerete can take place due to
Option-1 :use of unsound cement which undergoes volumetric change, after the concrete has hardened
Option-2 :excessive pores and voids
Option-3 :use of less durable aggregates
Option-4 :any of the above
Question 9 : Inert material in concreat is
Option-1 :cement
Option-2 :sand
Option-3 :coarse aggreate
Option-4 :water
Question 10 : The binding material in concrete is
Option-1 :cement
Option-2 :sand
Option-3 :coarse aggreate
Option-4 :water
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