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Question 1 : factors governing necessity of irrigation
Option-1 :Insufficient rainfall
Option-2 :Uneven disribution of rainfall
Option-3 :Development of almost area
Option-4 :All of the above
Question 2 : The Benifits of irrigation include
Option-1 :yield of crops
Option-2 :protection from farmine
Option-3 :improvement of all cash crops
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 3 : Ill effects of irrigation does not include
Option-1 :dampness in area
Option-2 :Formation of Marshy land
Option-3 :Water logging
Option-4 :Yeild of crops
Question 4 : Lift irrigation does not include
Option-1 :doon
Option-2 :Deep tube wells
Option-3 :mote
Option-4 :Indundation irrigation
Question 5 : Method of distribution of water include
Option-1 :surface method
Option-2 :sub-surface method
Option-3 :sprinkler method
Option-4 :all of above
Question 6 : vegetable fruits,tobacco etc are known as cash crops.
Option-1 :TRUE
Option-2 :FALSE
Question 7 : When a storage reservoir is to be formed then a DAM is constructed
Option-1 :TRUE
Option-2 :FALSE
Question 8 : the impermeable formation which may contain water but these are not capable of transmitting water through them is called
Option-1 :A quifugs
Option-2 :aquitards
Option-3 :aquicludes
Option-4 :acquifer
Question 9 : clay strata falls under
Option-1 :Aquicludes
Option-2 :aquifer
Option-3 :aquitards
Option-4 :aquifuge
Question 10 : the impervious formation which neither contain nor can transmit water is called
Option-1 :Aquitards
Option-2 :aquifer
Option-3 :aquicludes
Option-4 :aquifuge
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