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Question 1 : the cast iron pipes for water supply system are used for
Option-1 :durability
Option-2 :strength
Option-3 :low maintenance cost
Option-4 :all the above
Question 2 : the level of underground water is called
Option-1 :water level
Option-2 :water table
Option-3 :negative level
Option-4 :invert level
Question 3 : the minimum recommended diameter of sewers is
Option-1 :5 cm
Option-2 :10 cm
Option-3 :15 cm
Option-4 :20 cm
Question 4 : the diameter of pipes in bath rooms and lavatories in domestic water supply is
Option-1 :6 mm
Option-2 :12 mm
Option-3 :18 mm
Option-4 :24 mm
Question 5 : for providing an Indian type W.C. the R.C.C. slabs in the toilet portion
Option-1 :should be sunk by 20 cm
Option-2 :should be kept 20 cm above the adjacent portion
Option-3 :should be sunk by 50 cm
Option-4 :need not be sunk
Question 6 : lead caulked joints are used for laying
Option-1 :stone ware pipes
Option-2 :earthen ware pipes
Option-3 :C . I. pipes
Option-4 :G.I. pipes
Question 7 : the four major water supply distribution systems, are
Option-1 :dead end, tree, grid iron and reticulation
Option-2 :dead end, tree, grid iron and circular
Option-3 :tree, grid iron, ring and radial
Option-4 :tree, reticulation, circular and ring
Question 8 : sunlight
Option-1 :helps growth of bacterias
Option-2 :impedes growth of algae
Option-3 :increases dissolved oxygen content
Option-4 :reduces turbidity
Question 9 : repid sand filter
Option-1 :should be preceded by coagulation and sedimentatiom
Option-2 :uses rapid sand as filter media
Option-3 :is used after slow sand filtering has been done
Option-4 :can combine disinfection also
Question 10 : hardness of water is caused by
Option-1 :presence of soap lather
Option-2 :presence of chlorides and sulphates of sodium and potassium
Option-3 :presence of bicarbonates, sulphates or chlorides of calcium and magnesium
Option-4 :turbidity
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