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Question 1 : The information which cannot be included in drawing is conveyed to the estimator through
Option-1 :specification
Option-2 :cover note
Option-3 :progress chart
Option-4 :none of the above.
Question 2 : The quantity for expansion joint in buildings is worked out in
Option-1 :metre cube
Option-2 :metre square
Option-3 :metre
Option-4 : lump-sum.
Question 3 : The volume of cement required for 10 metre cube of brickwork in 1:6 cement mortar is approximately equal to
Option-1 :3/7 metre cube
Option-2 :3/6 metre cube
Option-3 :3/4 metre cube
Option-4 :3/5 metre cube.
Question 4 : The volume of cement in one bag is
Option-1 :0.067 metre cube
Option-2 :0.050 metre cube
Option-3 :0.033 metre cube
Option-4 :0.025 metre cube
Question 5 : The concealed faces of the frames of doors and windows are paintwed with
Option-1 :two coats of primer
Option-2 :two coats of same enamel paint which is applied for the rest of the frame
Option-3 :varnish
Option-4 :two coats of coaltar.
Question 6 : The cover area of a proposed building is 150 metre cube and it includes a rear courtyard of 5m*4m. If the prevailing plinth area rate of similar building is Rs. 1250/metre square, what is its cost?
Option-1 :Rs.1,87,500
Option-2 :Rs.2,12,500
Option-3 :Rs.1,62,500
Option-4 :Rs.3,75,000.
Question 7 : A layer of dry bricks put below the foundation concrete, in the case of soft soils, is called
Option-1 :soiling
Option-2 :shoring
Option-3 :D.P.C.
Option-4 :none of the above.
Question 8 : The quantity of soling is obtained in
Option-1 :metre cube
Option-2 :metre
Option-3 :lump-sum
Option-4 :metre square
Question 9 : The quantity of wood for the shutter of the doors and windows is calculated in
Option-1 :metre square
Option-2 :meter cube
Option-3 :lump-sum
Option-4 :metre
Question 10 : A document containing detailed description of all items of work(but their quantitiesare not mentioned) together with their current rates is called
Option-1 :tender
Option-2 :schedule of rates
Option-3 :analysis of rates
Option-4 :abstract estimate.
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