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Question 1 : Controlling is not the process in which differences b/w the planned and the actual performance are reviewed after the project has begun
Option-1 :True
Option-2 :False
Question 2 : CPM stands for
Option-1 :Critical Path Manual
Option-2 :Cost Project Map
Option-3 :Critical Project Man
Option-4 :Critical Path Method
Question 3 : CPM network is oriented on
Option-1 :time
Option-2 :activity
Option-3 :cost
Option-4 :scale
Question 4 : PERT stands for
Option-1 :Program Evaluation & Review Technology
Option-2 :Program Evalauation & Rate Tecnique
Option-3 :Project Evaluation & Review Technique
Option-4 :Project Evalauation & Road Transport
Question 5 : PERT network is oriented on
Option-1 :activity
Option-2 :scale
Option-3 :cost
Option-4 :event
Question 6 : Which is not a limitation of Bar Chart
Option-1 :Not showing interdependencies
Option-2 :Doesn't show the project progress
Option-3 :Shows the critical activity
Option-4 :Doesn't show the quantity of item of work
Question 7 : In most of the Govt. Departments the organisational structure followed is of type
Option-1 :line
Option-2 :functional
Option-3 :staff
Option-4 :any of them
Question 8 : Line organisation is also called _______organisation
Option-1 :government
Option-2 :private
Option-3 :military
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 9 : Partiallity & favouristsm is one of the drawbacks of which organisational structure
Option-1 :line
Option-2 :staff
Option-3 :functional
Option-4 :staff & line
Question 10 : The overhead cost because of high salaries increase in which type of organisation
Option-1 :line
Option-2 :line & staff
Option-3 :military
Option-4 :functional
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