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Question 1 : Simplest method of identifying weak spots are
Option-1 :visual inspection
Option-2 :tapping the surface
Option-3 :chipping the weak concrete
Option-4 :both a & b
Question 2 : Mortar or concrete conveyed through pressure hose and applied pneumatically at high velocity on to a surface is called
Option-1 :guniting
Option-2 :grouting
Option-3 :sealing
Option-4 :spraying
Question 3 : A big crack is observed in the C I water mains suitable remedy is to
Option-1 :paint the crack with bitumen paint
Option-2 :use rich cement plaster to cover the crack
Option-3 :provide clamps to cover the crack
Option-4 :cut affected pipe length and replace it with another pipe
Question 4 : On a busy city road the man hole covers become very noisy. The nuisance can be eliminated by
Option-1 :replacing covers
Option-2 :providing clips to fix manhole cover tightly
Option-3 :placing gasket between rim of the lid and the seat
Option-4 :embedding the cover tightly by placing rich concrete in the groove of the rim
Question 5 : Honey combing is caused due to
Option-1 :inadequate compaction
Option-2 :chemical reaction
Option-3 :shock waves
Option-4 :lack of curing
Question 6 : Variation in mix proportions results in
Option-1 :cracks
Option-2 :colour variations
Option-3 :voids
Option-4 :stains
Question 7 : Drying shrinkage can be reduced by
Option-1 :using practical amount of aggregate
Option-2 :lowest usable water content
Option-3 :using shrinkage compensating cement
Option-4 :all the above
Question 8 : Temperature differential may be considerable in
Option-1 :in thick section
Option-2 :in thin section
Option-3 :in section with rich mix
Option-4 :in thick section with rich mixes
Question 9 : Adding water to improve workability has the effect of
Option-1 :reducing strength
Option-2 :increasing settlement
Option-3 :drying shrinkage
Option-4 :all the above
Question 10 : Cracks which run at 45 deg to the axis of the beam and are wider at the lower fibre and disappear in the compressive zone are
Option-1 :cracks due to externally applied loads
Option-2 :cracks due to poor construction practices
Option-3 :cracks due to excessive shear
Option-4 :none of the above
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