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Question 1 : Solders are alloys of
Option-1 :Ag,Cu
Option-2 :Ag ,Fe
Option-3 :Pb ,Sn
Option-4 :Zn ,Cu
Question 2 : Modified bronze cesigned to provide bearings are called
Option-1 :amalgams
Option-2 :bearing alloy
Option-3 :solids
Option-4 :ferrous alloys
Question 3 : Additin of Ni in an alloy
Option-1 :decreases tensile strength
Option-2 :decreases the ductility
Option-3 :decreases toughness
Option-4 :increases tensile strength
Question 4 : The commonly used methol for preparing alloys is a
Option-1 :fussion method
Option-2 :smelting
Option-3 :quenching
Option-4 :annealing
Question 5 : Alloys containing mercury as a constituent elements are called
Option-1 :solders
Option-2 :amalgams
Option-3 :bearing alloys
Option-4 :ferrous aloys
Question 6 : Which of the following is not a ferrous alloy
Option-1 :gun metal
Option-2 :nickel steel steel
Option-3 :maganese steel
Option-4 :molybedinum steel
Question 7 : Non ferrous alloys do not contain
Option-1 :Cu
Option-2 :Pb
Option-3 :Fe
Option-4 :Al
Question 8 : Purpose of making alloys
Option-1 :to increase the melting point
Option-2 :to decrease the hardness of alloy
Option-3 :to increase the tensile strength
Option-4 :to decrease corrosion resistance
Question 9 : Gun metal contains
Option-1 :Cu ,Sn
Option-2 :Cu,Pb,Zn
Option-3 :Sn,Zn,pb
Option-4 :Cu ,Sn ,Zn,Pb
Question 10 : Duralium is an alloy of
Option-1 :Fe
Option-2 :Ni
Option-3 :Al
Option-4 :Zn
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