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Applied Physics I
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Question 1 : In order to draw more current from an electric source the ________
Option-1 :Resistors are connected in parallel
Option-2 :Resistors are connected in series
Option-3 :Ressistors are connected in series and parallel
Option-4 :None of them
Question 2 : The phenomenon of magnetism is
Option-1 :The arrangement of tiny magnetic molecules in a particular direction
Option-2 :The arrangement of tiny magnetic molecules in diferent directions
Option-3 :Single direction of molecular current
Option-4 :Different directions of molecular currents
Question 3 : An alternating voltage can induce voltage becasue it has
Option-1 :high peak balue
Option-2 :Varying magnetic field
Option-3 :constant magnetic field
Option-4 :None of them
Question 4 : A triode has
Option-1 :One grid
Option-2 :three grids
Option-3 :No grid
Option-4 :None of them
Question 5 : The device which convents dic into a.c is called
Option-1 :A rectifier
Option-2 :An amplifier
Option-3 :An inverter
Option-4 :none of them
Question 6 : A solid state rectifier is
Option-1 :A diode
Option-2 :A value
Option-3 :A PN junction
Option-4 :None of these
Question 7 : An auto transformer works on the principle of
Option-1 :Self induction
Option-2 :Mutual Induction
Option-3 :Resonace
Option-4 :reactance
Question 8 : Ohm's law states that the _________ across a resistor is directly proportional to the current
Option-1 :e.m.f
Option-2 :p.d
Option-3 :ac
Option-4 :d.c
Question 9 : Power is defined as ____________ of doing work
Option-1 :Rate
Option-2 :Average
Option-3 :Amount
Option-4 :None of them
Question 10 : When a huge inductance is connected in an a.c circuit, the power factor is _____________
Option-1 :high
Option-2 :low
Option-3 :zero
Option-4 :infinity
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