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Question 1 : Dog can hear the frequency of _______________ waves
Option-1 :Ultrasonic
Option-2 :Infrasonic
Option-3 :Audiable
Option-4 :none of above
Question 2 : laser are used in the field of _____________ surgery
Option-1 :opthamology
Option-2 :Medical Science
Option-3 :Nature Science
Option-4 :none of above
Question 3 : The good sound absorbing materials is __________
Option-1 :cork
Option-2 :steel plate
Option-3 :plastic plate
Option-4 :Nylon sheet
Question 4 : Echeleon effect causes _________
Option-1 :Noise
Option-2 :Interference
Option-3 :Loss of energy
Option-4 :None of above
Question 5 : Optical pumping is the process by which atoms are exited to ___________ energy states.
Option-1 :Higher
Option-2 :lower
Option-3 :intermediate
Option-4 :no effect
Question 6 : Lasers are highly ___________ lisght
Option-1 :Intense
Option-2 :less intense
Option-3 :concentrate
Option-4 :week
Question 7 : lasers were used to measure the distance between earta and by Apollo-II mission
Option-1 :Saturn
Option-2 :Mars
Option-3 :Moon
Option-4 :Jupiter
Question 8 : Ultrasonics waves causes damage to ____________ living beings of
Option-1 :lower life
Option-2 :higher life
Option-3 :insects
Option-4 :Rats
Question 9 : Which method can be used for detect audible sound waves
Option-1 :Piezo-electric method
Option-2 :Magnetostriction method
Option-3 :Kundls tube method
Option-4 :None of them
Question 10 : The pumping in ruby laser is done by ______________
Option-1 :optical pumping
Option-2 :inversion population
Option-3 :xerox falsh tube
Option-4 :Reflecting partical
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