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Question 11 : Photon is called
Option-1 :Mechanical energy
Option-2 :light energy
Option-3 :Electrical energy
Option-4 :None of them
Question 12 : The ruby rod is the mixture of
Option-1 :CrO 3 square + + H2O
Option-2 :Al2O3 + Cr2 O3
Option-3 :CrO3 + 2Al2O4
Option-4 :None of them
Question 13 : The cohernt length of the laser is upto____________-
Option-1 :10 sqaure 11 cycles
Option-2 :10 square 12 cycles
Option-3 :10 sqaure 13 cycles
Option-4 :10 square 14 cycles
Question 14 : In population inversion number of particals are given
Option-1 :N1=N2
Option-2 :N1>N2
Option-3 :N2>N1
Option-4 :N2
Question 15 : The common method of pumping in laser is called
Option-1 :stimulated radiation
Option-2 :population inversion
Option-3 :optical pumping
Option-4 :Exciting system
Question 16 : The active working material of ruby laser is
Option-1 :Xenon discahrge tube
Option-2 :ponear source
Option-3 :Ruby rod
Option-4 :glass tube
Question 17 : The colour of ruby crystal is __________ when it contains about 0.5% of chromium
Option-1 :pink
Option-2 :red
Option-3 :yellow
Option-4 :white
Question 18 : The qartz tube of gas laser is filled with a mixture of _________ gas
Option-1 :Co2 and H2
Option-2 :N2 and CO2
Option-3 :Ne and He
Option-4 :None of them
Question 19 : The main adavantages of gas lasers are excepsionally high___________
Option-1 :Frequency
Option-2 :Wave length
Option-3 :Monochromaticity
Option-4 :Coherent
Question 20 : The electrons and holes recombine and release of energy take place near the junction region. The amount of this energy called the _____________
Option-1 :Ativation Energy
Option-2 :Energy band
Option-3 :P-N- Junction
Option-4 :Potential Energy
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