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Question 61 : peltier effect is the converse of
Option-1 :Seebeck effect
Option-2 : joule's effect
Option-3 :Thompson's effect
Option-4 :Charle's effect
Question 62 : A pair of two dissimilar metals joined at their ends is called
Option-1 :Thermopile
Option-2 :Thermocouple
Option-3 :Thermo group
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 63 : The main past of Ruby laser is
Option-1 :An active working material
Option-2 :A resonant cavity
Option-3 :Exciting system
Option-4 :All the above
Question 64 : Which phenomenon causes interference of light
Option-1 :coherence
Option-2 :diffraction
Option-3 :superposition
Option-4 :polarisation
Question 65 : Which phenomenon causes the LASER radiation
Option-1 :diffrection
Option-2 :Interference
Option-3 :Extreme brightness
Option-4 :None of them
Question 66 : An important application of laser is
Option-1 :Defection of abnormal growth
Option-2 :Obtained to treat the human and animal cancens
Option-3 :Soldering and metal culting
Option-4 :goagulation and crystallisation
Question 67 : What is the main characteristics of laser?
Option-1 :Coherence
Option-2 :very narrow band width
Option-3 :high directionality
Option-4 :All the above
Question 68 : Due to the narrow band width, lasers are used in________
Option-1 :Micro surgery
Option-2 :investigating the structure of molecules
Option-3 :Microwave communication
Option-4 :None of them
Question 69 : The sources of light are said to be coherent if the waves produced by them have the same
Option-1 :Wave length and a constant phase difference
Option-2 :Amplitude and the same wave length
Option-3 :wave length
Option-4 :amplitude
Question 70 : Lasers are the _____________ emission of radiation
Option-1 :Stimulated
Option-2 :Thermal
Option-3 :Spontaneous
Option-4 :Optical
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