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Question 1 : Annealing of metals
Option-1 :removes internal stresses
Option-2 :increases conductivity
Option-3 :increases the grain size
Option-4 :both (a)and(C)
Question 2 : The property of materials by which they can be drawn into wires is known as
Option-1 :malleability
Option-2 :elasticity
Option-3 :ductility
Option-4 :plasticity
Question 3 : The property of material by which it can be rolled into sheets is called the
Option-1 :malleability
Option-2 :elasticity
Option-3 :ductility
Option-4 :plasticity
Question 4 : The formation of oxide film on a metal due to atmospheric exposure reduces
Option-1 :creep limit
Option-2 :stiffness
Option-3 :toughness
Option-4 :none of these
Question 5 : Gold,silver and copper are good electrical conductors because their outer orbit contains
Option-1 :one electron
Option-2 :two electron
Option-3 :one proton
Option-4 :more than two electrons
Question 6 : Silver is not used as a conductor due to its
Option-1 :poor conductivity
Option-2 :higher cost
Option-3 :low mechanical strength
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 7 : High purity copper is obtained by
Option-1 :rolling
Option-2 :smelting
Option-3 :electric refining
Option-4 :roasting
Question 8 : The conductivity of semiconductor depends upon the
Option-1 :number of current carriers present per unit volume
Option-2 :mobility of the current carriers
Option-3 :both (a) and (b)
Option-4 :none of these
Question 9 : Which of the following is not a high resistive material
Option-1 :manganin
Option-2 :nichrome
Option-3 :aluminium
Option-4 :constantan
Question 10 : With the fall in temperature, the resistivity of all normal metals
Option-1 :remains unaffected
Option-2 :increases
Option-3 :tends to be zero
Option-4 :decreases first and then increses
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