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Question 1 : A frequency multiplier stage should operate as
Option-1 :class A.
Option-2 :class B.
Option-3 :class AB.
Option-4 :class C.
Question 2 : When the modulation index of an amplitude modulated wave is changed from 0 to 1, the transmitted power will
Option-1 :remain unchanged.
Option-2 :decrease by 50%.
Option-3 :increase by 50%.
Option-4 :increase by 100%.
Question 3 : To provide two or more voice circuits with the same carrier, it is necessary to use
Option-1 :ISB.
Option-2 :SSB with pilot carrier.
Option-3 :Carrier reinsertion.
Option-4 :Lin compex.
Question 4 : A CW transmitter radiates
Option-1 :modulated RF carrier.
Option-2 :unmodulated RF carrier.
Option-3 :both (A) and (B) above.
Option-4 :none of the above.
Question 5 : A buffer amplifier is
Option-1 :a double-tuned amplifier.
Option-2 :a high gain dc amplifier.
Option-3 :a cathode follower stage.
Option-4 :none of the above.
Question 6 : In which of the following frequency bands are the standard AM radio broadcast stations ?
Option-1 :MF.
Option-2 :HF.
Option-3 :VHF.
Option-4 :UHF.
Question 7 : Which one oof the following is not necessarily an advantage of the phase cancellation method of obtaining SSB over the filter method ?
Option-1 :It is possible to generate SSB at any frequency.
Option-2 :SSB with lower audio frequencies present can be generated.
Option-3 :Switching from one sidehand to the other is simpler.
Option-4 :There are more balanced modulators; therefore the carrier is suppressed better.
Question 8 : A FM discriminator changes
Option-1 :FM signal into FM signal of low frequency.
Option-2 :FM signal into FM signal of high frequency.
Option-3 :FM signal into AM signal.
Option-4 :FM signal into PM signal.`````````````````````````````````````````````
Question 9 : The assigned carrier frequency of an FM broadcast station is 99.7 MHz. Its FM signal has a rest frequency or centre frequency of
Option-1 :0.3 MHz.
Option-2 :99.4 MHz.
Option-3 :99.7 MHz.
Option-4 :100 MHz.
Question 10 : In a 5 KW AM transmitter high-level modulation is used. What should be the value of the audio signal power needed for 100 percent modulaition ?
Option-1 :0.5 KW.
Option-2 :1 KW.
Option-3 :1.5 KW.
Option-4 :2.5 KW.
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