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Question 1 : Three basic processess by which a monmolothic circuit may be constructed are:
Option-1 :epitaxial diffused process
Option-2 :diffused collector process
Option-3 :triple diffusion process
Question 2 : In a monolithic IC,in order to form a structure containing electrically npn and pnp transistors:
Option-1 :a four layer device is required
Option-2 : a five layer device is required
Option-3 :a three layer device is required
Option-4 :a six layer device is required
Question 3 : Photo masking:
Option-1 :controls the depth of diffusion
Option-2 :is used to prevent ambient light shining on the slilicon dice
Option-3 :is used in the process to remove selceted regions of slilicon dioxide
Option-4 :reduces the of circcuit elements
Question 4 : Transistors for monolothic IC's:
Option-1 :are identical with descrete planar transistor
Option-2 :use the isolation junction as the collector junction
Option-3 :are made as separate wafers
Option-4 :are similar to discrete planar transistor but have the collector contacts on the top surface
Question 5 : The idea of using IC technology to built microprocessor was first conceived in1969 by:
Option-1 :Ted Hoff
Option-2 :Federico Faggin
Option-3 :J.P.Eckert
Option-4 :John V on Neumann
Question 6 : The IC's which are made by sputtering materials on a ceramic sustrated are called:
Option-1 :a thin film IC
Option-2 :hydbrid IC
Option-3 :thick film IC
Option-4 :monolithic IC
Question 7 : MOS IC's :
Option-1 :use load resistances
Option-2 :consume more power
Option-3 :occupy much less space than bipolar junction transistor
Option-4 :are preferred because of high speed
Question 8 : Application of MOS IC's is increasing day by day because:
Option-1 :their propagation delay is less
Option-2 :they use direct coupled transistor logic
Option-3 :their density of packing is more and they consume less power
Option-4 :they occupy less space and hence are cheaper
Question 9 : The material typically used for contacts and interconnecting material in IC's is :
Option-1 :copper
Option-2 :silver
Option-3 :aluminium
Option-4 :phosphorus
Question 10 : IC 521:
Option-1 :has the same features as IC 555
Option-2 :has the same category as IChA723
Option-3 :is a comparator
Option-4 :is a timer
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