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Question 1 : __________ are the hollow conducting tubes of uniforms cross secetion used for U.H.F transmissioon by continious inflection from the inner wallls
Option-1 :parallel wire
Option-2 :coaxial wire
Option-3 :wave guides
Option-4 :networks
Question 2 : The phenimenon where by the R.F current travels on the outer suraface or skin of a conducting materials is known
Option-1 :loading
Option-2 :filteration
Option-3 :skin effect
Option-4 :atenutation
Question 3 : Reflection which is presnt in line exist
Option-1 :where open wire lines are used at high frequency range
Option-2 :coaxial cables where signal frequences are in the range of a few nundereds KHZ
Option-3 :under condtion of mismatch of the load
Option-4 :but is not fully unerstood
Question 4 : A transmission line haaving Zo =75 ohm is delivered power ot a 300 ohms load .its swr is
Option-1 :1 :4
Option-2 :4:1
Option-3 :1:2
Option-4 :2:1
Question 5 : The value of swr for a transmission line okf characterstic impedance Zo ,where feeding a load of inpedence Zl is
Option-1 :swr =Zo Zl
Option-2 :swr=Zo /Zl
Option-3 :swr = Zo +Zl
Option-4 :swr = Zl /Zo
Question 6 : For perfect match between line and load , the value of reflection coeffiecent should be
Option-1 :0
Option-2 :1
Option-3 :between 0 &1
Option-4 :more than unity
Question 7 : The reflection coefficient resulting from mismatching a 50 ohms load and a 150 ohms transmission lin eis
Option-1 :0.5
Option-2 :2.0
Option-3 : 37. 5
Option-4 :1/75
Question 8 : Regarding reflection coefficent of a transmission line which statement is not correct ? It is the ratio of
Option-1 :reflected voltage to the incident voltage
Option-2 :reflected current to the incident current
Option-3 :reflected power to the incident power
Option-4 :characterstics impedencee toload impedence
Question 9 : A transmission line of 50 ohms characterstics inpedence is terminated in a resistive load of 100 ohm . The voltage reflectioon coefficent equals
Option-1 :3
Option-2 :2
Option-3 : 1/2
Option-4 :1/3
Question 10 : A quarter wave transformers is :
Option-1 :two winding conventional transform,er having core lenght equal to lembda / 4
Option-2 :an auto transformer having total wiring length equal to lembda/4
Option-3 :a segment of transmission line near the loead end which is equlal in length to one -quarter of wavelength of the singnal on the line
Option-4 :an ordanary transformer used to connect load and line aat a distance of lembda /4 from the input end
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