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ED and C 11
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Question 1 : An amplifier is said to suffer from distortion when its output is
Option-1 :low
Option-2 :different from its input
Option-3 :noisy
Option-4 :larger than its input
Question 2 : When power output of an amplifier doubles, the increase in its power level is - decibels
Option-1 :2
Option-2 :20
Option-3 :3
Option-4 :10
Question 3 : When output power level of a radio receiver increases by a factor of
Option-1 :2
Option-2 :10
Option-3 :1/2
Option-4 :3
Question 4 : The main reason for the variation of amplifier gain with frequency is
Option-1 :the presence of capaciitances, both external and internal
Option-2 :due to interstage transformers
Option-3 :the logarithmic increase in its output power
Option-4 :the miller effect
Question 5 : The main use of a class -C amplifier is
Option-1 :as an RFamplifier
Option-2 :as stereo amplifier
Option-3 :in communication sound equipment
Option-4 :as distortion generator
Question 6 : If two stages of a cascaded amplifier have decibel gains of 60 and, then over-all gain is -dB.
Option-1 :120
Option-2 :1800
Option-3 :2
Option-4 :0.5
Question 7 : The most desirable feature of transformer coupling is its
Option-1 :higher voltage gain
Option-2 :wide frequency range
Option-3 :ability to eliminate hum from the output.
Option-4 :ability to provide impedance matching between stages
Question 8 : In multistage amplifiers, direct coupling is especially suited for amplifying
Option-1 :high frequency ac signals
Option-2 :extremly low frequency signals
Option-3 :low-level voltages
Option-4 :sinusoidal signal
Question 9 : Load impedance must match amplifier impedance in order that
Option-1 :minimum power is transferred to the load
Option-2 :maximum power is transferred to the load
Option-3 :efficiency may be held at a high level
Option-4 :signal to noise ratio is maximised
Question 10 : wien bridge oscillator uses.................
Option-1 :negative feedback
Option-2 :positive feedback
Option-3 :both feedbacks
Option-4 :none of the above
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