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Question 1 : An integrating digital voltmeter measures
Option-1 :peak value
Option-2 :average value
Option-3 :rms value
Option-4 :none of these
Question 2 : harmonic distortion in amplifier is cauised by
Option-1 :defect in active device
Option-2 :non linear characteristics of active device
Option-3 :presence of noise
Option-4 :positive feedback
Question 3 : harmonic distontion analyzer is an instrument that
Option-1 :measures the rms value of amplitudes of all the harmonics simultaneously
Option-2 :measures the amplitude of each harmonic individually
Option-3 :displays the value of amplitude of each harmonic on the screen of CRO
Option-4 :both (a) and (c)
Question 4 : Q- factor of a coil measured by the Q-meter is ----------- the actual Q of the coil
Option-1 :equal to
Option-2 :some what lesser than
Option-3 :some what higher than
Question 5 : Accuracy is defined as the
Option-1 :measure of the consistency or reproducibility of the measurement
Option-2 :closeness with which an instrument reading approaches the true value of the quantity being measured
Option-3 :smallest measurable input change
Option-4 :ratio of the change in output signal of an instrument to a change in the input
Question 6 : The degree of reproducibility among several independent measurements of same true value under reference conditions is known as
Option-1 :accuracy
Option-2 :precision
Option-3 :lincarity
Option-4 :calibration
Question 7 : In a CRT the highest positive potential is given to
Option-1 :focusing electrodes
Option-2 :cathode
Option-3 :vertical deflection plates
Option-4 :post deflection acceleriation anode
Question 8 : During the retrace time,the electrones forming the horizontal beam move on the screen from
Option-1 :right to left
Option-2 :left to right
Option-3 :bottom to top
Option-4 :top to bottom
Question 9 : The purpose of the synchnonising control in a CRO is to`
Option-1 :focus the spot on the screen
Option-2 :lock the display of signal
Option-3 :adjust the amplitude of display
Option-4 :control the intensity of the spot
Question 10 : The patterns used to measure phase and frequency with a cathode ray osulloscope are called
Option-1 :lissajous pattern
Option-2 :fannaday's pattern
Option-3 :ohm's pattern
Option-4 :phillips pattern
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