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Question 1 : A duplexer is a device used to
Option-1 :feed more than one reciever from a single antenna
Option-2 :connect tow transmitters to the same antenna
Option-3 :connect a reciever and a transmitter to the same antenna
Question 2 : video transmission in TV broadcast is usually on
Option-1 :AM
Option-2 :PM
Option-3 :FM
Question 3 : For providing tow or more voiceorrcuits with the same carrier, it is neccesary to use.
Option-1 :pilot carrier system
Option-2 :ISB emission
Option-3 :linecompex
Option-4 :vestigial sideband transmission
Question 4 : Polarisation of radio waves is determined by
Option-1 :the directivity of the antenna
Option-2 :the direction of the magnetic flux lines w.r.t. the surface of the Earth.
Option-3 :the direction of the electric flux lines w.r.t. the surface of the Earth
Question 5 : under identical conditions, FM and PM are indistinguishable for a single modulating frequency.
Option-1 :true
Option-2 :false
Question 6 : as compared to AM channel width required by FM is 7 to 15 times larger
Option-1 :true
Option-2 :false
Question 7 : for a PM signal, the modulating index depends upon
Option-1 :only the frequency of the modulating signal
Option-2 :only the amplitude of the modulating signal
Option-3 :both the amplitude and frequency of the modulating signal
Option-4 :the frequency of the carrier signal amongst other things
Question 8 : unlike AM, it is possible to reduce noise considerably in FM by increasing deviation
Option-1 :true
Option-2 :false
Question 9 : typical transmitted power of an FDM-FM microwave L.O.S system is
Option-1 :1W
Option-2 :100 W
Option-3 :10 KW
Question 10 : Which one of the following methods cannot be used for suppressing unwanted side bands in SSB?
Option-1 :phase- shift method
Option-2 :balanced modulator
Option-3 :`third` method
Option-4 :filter method
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