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Question 1 : If current through a resistor is halved, wattage developed by it would be
Option-1 :halved
Option-2 :quaddrupled
Option-3 :cut to one-fourth
Option-4 :double
Question 2 : The bulk resistance of a diode is
Option-1 :the resistance of N material only
Option-2 :the resistance of P material only
Option-3 :the resistance of junction only
Option-4 :the resistance of P and N materials.
Question 3 : When a PN junction is reverse biased
Option-1 :holes and electrone move away from the junction
Option-2 :holes and electrons move towards the junction
Option-3 :movement of holes and electrons seized
Option-4 :depletion region decreases.
Question 4 : In case PN junction is forward biased
Option-1 :holes and electrones seize to move
Option-2 :electrons and holes move away from the junction
Option-3 :electrons and holes move towards the junction
Option-4 :depletion region decreases.
Question 5 : Mobile elctrons of P.side of the PN junction diode constitute
Option-1 :majority current carriers
Option-2 :minority current carriers
Option-3 :depending upon voltage they may be either majority or minority current carriers.
Question 6 : When a PN junction is reversed biased
Option-1 :heavy current flows in the reverse circuit
Option-2 :a very small amount of reverse current called leakage current flows
Option-3 :reverse current flow ceases.
Question 7 : The reverse resistance of a PN junction diode
Option-1 :is always low
Option-2 :is always high
Option-3 :is given by breakdown voltage/reverse leakage current
Option-4 :is given by Forward voltage/ reverse leakage current
Question 8 : The depletion layer of a PN junction diode has
Option-1 :only free mobile electrons
Option-2 :only free mobile holes
Option-3 :both free mobile holes as well as electrons
Option-4 :neither free mobile electrons nor holes.
Question 9 : The dc output voltage from a power supply
Option-1 :Increases with higher values of filter capcitance and decreases with more load current
Option-2 :Decreases with higher values of filter capacitance and increases with more load current.
Option-3 :Decreases with higher value of filter capacitance as well as with more load current.
Option-4 :Increase with higher values of filter capacitance as well as with more load current.
Question 10 : A light emitting diode priduces light when
Option-1 :unbiased
Option-2 :forward biased
Option-3 :reverse biased.
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