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Question 1 : To cut a portion of a 2d figure in auto CAD
Option-1 :difference
Option-2 :subtract
Option-3 :cut
Option-4 :all of above
Question 2 : To close a polyline in autoCAD
Option-1 :c
Option-2 :v
Option-3 :p
Option-4 :l
Question 3 : The command to draw a polygon
Option-1 :polygon
Option-2 :pol
Option-3 :both
Option-4 :none
Question 4 : To draw adonut a-
Option-1 :donut
Option-2 :dougnut
Option-3 :both
Option-4 :none
Question 5 : GDP stands for -
Option-1 :genral dot primitives
Option-2 :genralised drawing primitives
Option-3 :genral draw pictures
Option-4 :none
Question 6 : UCS stands for
Option-1 :universal coodinates system
Option-2 :universal control system
Option-3 :user coodinate system
Option-4 :none
Question 7 : WCS stands for-
Option-1 :world coordinate system
Option-2 :wizard coordinate system
Option-3 :both (a)&(b)
Option-4 :none
Question 8 : Mouse is an-
Option-1 :electronic device
Option-2 :electro-mechanical device
Option-3 :elecrical device
Option-4 :none of above
Question 9 : CNS stands for
Option-1 :computer numerical controller
Option-2 :calculation numerical controller
Option-3 :calculate numbers computer
Option-4 :none
Question 10 : UPS stands for
Option-1 :uninterrupted power supply
Option-2 :unnecessary power supply
Option-3 :both (A)& (b)
Option-4 :none of above
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