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Elective 1
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Question 1 : if the dielectric only cross part of the microwave signal then
Option-1 :The signal will arrive at the reciever unaffected by the dielectric
Option-2 :part of the signal will increse in velocity
Option-3 :one part of the signal will be out of phase with the other
Option-4 :part of the signal will be blocked by the dielcetric
Question 2 : A dielectric
Option-1 :slows down the transmission of microwave
Option-2 :changes the amplitude of the microwave
Option-3 :speed up the transmission of the microwaves
Option-4 :changes the frequency of microwaves
Question 3 : The cross sectional dimensions of the waveguide are
Option-1 : related to the wavelength of the microwave
Option-2 : not critical
Option-3 :related to the amplitude of the microwave
Option-4 :made as small as possible
Question 4 : Microwave travel the fastest through
Option-1 :wood
Option-2 :plastic
Option-3 :air
Option-4 : a vaccum
Question 5 : Dielectric material is an insulating material which
Option-1 :blocks the transmission of microwave
Option-2 :amplifies microwaves
Option-3 :allows the transmission of microwaves
Option-4 :has no effect on microwaves
Question 6 : An advantage of using waveguide to transmit microwave is
Option-1 :the microwave are unaffected by phase shift
Option-2 :it is cheaper than using a direct link
Option-3 :the microwaves spread out into the atmosphere
Option-4 :the operating frequency is unimportant
Question 7 : A microwave beam has a frequency of 3 GHz and travels at a speed of 3 X 10to power eight m/s.THE WAVELENGTH OF THE BEAM IS
Option-1 :1cm
Option-2 :10 cm
Option-3 :30 cm
Option-4 :100 cm
Question 8 : waveguide is
Option-1 :A conductor surrounded by a metal screen
Option-2 :a hollow conductor
Option-3 :a hollow insulator
Option-4 :suitable for all frequencies
Question 9 : Radar sigals undergo a phase shift when
Option-1 :they are transmitted into space
Option-2 :they travel on a vaccum
Option-3 :they are transmitted over short distance
Option-4 :they travel close to the ground
Question 10 : Interference occur when
Option-1 :two waves of different frequencies are superimposed
Option-2 :two waves of same frequency from different sources are superimposed
Option-3 :An electro magnetic wave and a mechanical wave are superimposed
Option-4 :two waves of different wavelength are superimposed
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