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Question 1 : The ribbon type microphone has one important chareterstics that it present two faces from the following what are the two faces
Option-1 :To and fro
Option-2 :Front and back
Option-3 :forward and reverse
Option-4 :up and down
Question 2 : The reason for using corrugated ribbon is :
Option-1 :To allow delicates tensioning by the spring action of the ribbon
Option-2 :To increase the effective length of the ribbon for increasing impedence
Option-3 :To increase frequency responce and balancing
Option-4 :Both A & B
Question 3 : Which of the following depends on its action on the variation of capcitance between two electrodes or conducting plates:
Option-1 :Carbon Micro phone
Option-2 :Condenser Micro phone
Option-3 :Crystal Micro phone
Option-4 :Both A& B
Question 4 : Two Plates in which the alternating force from the sound waves causes an alternating EMF to be generated is known as:
Option-1 :Cartiridges
Option-2 :Bimorph Element
Option-3 :Faders
Option-4 :Crystal Element
Question 5 : The process of magnetic recording is based on the principle of :
Option-1 :Electromagnetic Induction
Option-2 :Mutual Induction
Option-3 :Self Induction
Option-4 :Both A & B
Question 6 : Magnetic material used in magnetic tape is :
Option-1 :Beta - Ferric Oxide
Option-2 :Gama - Ferric Oxide
Option-3 :Nitric Oxide
Option-4 :Cupric Oxide
Question 7 : The standard tap length is :
Option-1 :550 m
Option-2 :730 m
Option-3 :360 m
Option-4 :220 m
Question 8 : Base material used in magnetic tap is :
Option-1 :Gama - Ferric Oxide
Option-2 :Cellophane
Option-3 :Cellulose
Option-4 :Crape Paper
Question 9 : The length of long play is :
Option-1 :360 m
Option-2 :550 m
Option-3 :730 m
Option-4 :220 m
Question 10 : The length of double play is :
Option-1 :360 m
Option-2 :550 m
Option-3 :730 m
Option-4 :220 m
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