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Question 1 : The voltage transformation ratio of a transformer is
Option-1 :i2/i1
Option-2 :e1/e2
Option-3 :n2/n1
Option-4 :n1/n2
Question 2 : The function of oil in a transformer is
Option-1 :to provide insulation and cooling
Option-2 :to provide protection against lighting
Option-3 :to provide protection against short-circuit.
Option-4 :to provide lubrication.
Question 3 : Natural air cooling is used for transformers of rating up to
Option-1 :100 KVA
Option-2 :500 KVA
Option-3 :5 - 10 KVA
Option-4 :10 MVA
Question 4 : A hair spring attached to the moving system is used to produce
Option-1 :damping torque
Option-2 :controlling torque
Option-3 :balancing torque
Option-4 :deflecting torque
Question 5 : The term artificial aging in instrument is associated with
Option-1 :springs
Option-2 :permanent magnets
Option-3 :controlling torques
Option-4 :damping
Question 6 : If zero adjust screw of a PMMC instrument is turned to the left, the pointer will move
Option-1 :upscale to the right
Option-2 :full scale to the right
Option-3 :off scale to the left
Option-4 :none if the above
Question 7 : PMMC instrument gives uniform scale because
Option-1 :it uses spring control
Option-2 :it uses eddy current damping
Option-3 :the deflecting torque is proportional to the instrument current
Option-4 :both A & C
Question 8 : Induction wattmeters can be used to measure
Option-1 :ac power
Option-2 :dc power
Option-3 :ac and dc power
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 9 : Adynamometer type wattmeter responds to the
Option-1 :average value of active power
Option-2 :average value of reactive power
Option-3 :peak value of active power
Option-4 :peak valuue of reative power
Question 10 : The moving coil in a dynamometer wattmeter is connected
Option-1 :in a series with the fixed coil
Option-2 :across the supply
Option-3 :in series witth the load
Option-4 :across the load
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