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Question 1 : When electric current passes through a circuit, it may produce which of the effects
Option-1 :thermal effect
Option-2 :luminous effect
Option-3 :magnetic effect
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 2 : when current passes through a conductor, it gets heated up due to
Option-1 :voltage
Option-2 :resistance
Option-3 :e.m.f
Option-4 :power
Question 3 : The heating elements should have the following characteristics
Option-1 :high resistivity, high melting point
Option-2 :low resistivity, high melting point
Option-3 :low resistivity, low melting point
Option-4 :any of the above
Question 4 : Most commonly used material for heating element is
Option-1 :Tungsten
Option-2 :copper
Option-3 :Nichrome
Option-4 :Mu metal
Question 5 : which of the following appliances use heating/thermal effect
Option-1 :room heaters
Option-2 :iron box
Option-3 :hair drier
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 6 : The most common and popular application of luminous effect of electric current is
Option-1 :arc light
Option-2 :neon sign light
Option-3 :vapour lamps
Option-4 :incandescent lamps
Question 7 : An example of application of magnetic effect is
Option-1 :electric bell
Option-2 :bulb
Option-3 :batterry
Option-4 :iron box
Question 8 : what type of supply is needed for the transistor?
Option-1 :a.c
Option-2 :d.c
Option-3 :either of the two
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 9 : Can the terminal of a car battery be connected to socketoutlet at home
Option-1 :yes
Option-2 :no
Question 10 : what is the magnitude of the socket outlet at home. ( in volts)
Option-1 :230 v
Option-2 :400v
Option-3 :250v
Option-4 :110v
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