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Question 1 : the min. depth of foundation below the soil is
Option-1 :120 cm
Option-2 :100 cm
Option-3 :80 cm
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 2 : The most commonly used deep foundation in building
Option-1 :well foundation
Option-2 :pile foundation
Option-3 :raft foundation
Option-4 :grillage foundation
Question 3 : The offsets in stepped strip footing in brick masonry is
Option-1 :5 cm
Option-2 :10 cm
Option-3 :15 cm
Option-4 :20 cm
Question 4 : If the soil is water logged its bearing capacity may be improved by
Option-1 :compaction
Option-2 :grouting
Option-3 :drainage
Option-4 :chemical retretment
Question 5 : A footing which supports two colums is called
Option-1 :continuous footing
Option-2 :combined footing
Question 6 : The exterior corner of a wall is known as
Option-1 :perpend
Option-2 :jumb
Option-3 :quion
Option-4 :frog
Question 7 : Under metamorphism which of the following changes is correct
Option-1 :granite changes into gneiss
Option-2 :sandstone changes into quartite
Option-3 :limestone changes into marble
Option-4 :all of the above
Question 8 : Mica is mainly composed of
Option-1 :calcium carbonate
Option-2 :magnesium and calcium silicate
Option-3 :silica with oxygen
Option-4 :potassium and aluminium silicate
Question 9 : Basalt can be classifed as
Option-1 :sedimentry rock
Option-2 :metamorphic rock
Option-3 :intrusive igneous
Option-4 :extrusive igneous
Question 10 : The most widely used kiln in India is
Option-1 :Hoffman's kiln
Option-2 :Bull's trench kiln
Option-3 :clamp kiln
Option-4 :none of the above
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