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Question 1 : conical or taper surface are turned by
Option-1 :swivelling the tool head
Option-2 :swivelling the table
Option-3 :swivelling the headstock
Option-4 :swivelling the tailstock
Question 2 : The precision boring machine uses
Option-1 :multi-point cutting tool
Option-2 :single-point cutting tool
Question 3 : cemented carbide & diamond tipped single point tools are operated at a
Option-1 :slow speed
Option-2 :high speed
Question 4 : Precision boring machine is used for producing
Option-1 :ordinary & common machine parts
Option-2 :parts which require high degree of accuracy
Question 5 : In a boring machine , the head stock & the end suppporting block may be moved
Option-1 :up & down on the column
Option-2 :side ways on the column
Option-3 :inclined
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 6 : The spindle of a drilling machine can be rotated at
Option-1 :single speed
Option-2 :multiple speed
Question 7 : Which one of the following is engaged during thread cutting operation.
Option-1 :lead screw.
Option-2 :feed rod.
Question 8 : ______ is the process of embossing diamond shaped pattern on a given workpiece.
Option-1 :reaming.
Option-2 :tapping
Option-3 :knurling.
Question 9 : ___________ mechanism is employed for thread cutting
Option-1 :split nut mechanism.
Option-2 :half nut mechanism.
Question 10 : In a lathe the back gear is used for.
Option-1 :increasing speed.
Option-2 :reducing speed.
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