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Question 1 : Application should be written like:-
Option-1 :In reply to your advertisment
Option-2 :It sives one much pleature
Option-3 :I am ashamed of
Option-4 :I sives are much pain
Question 2 : Point to keep in mind while writing a letter or an application is-
Option-1 :leave a proper margin on the left
Option-2 :be formal with friends
Option-3 :informal with a superior
Option-4 :Make your style unappropriate
Question 3 : The word 'precis' which is of ___ origin
Option-1 :English
Option-2 :German
Option-3 :Italy
Option-4 :French
Question 4 : What is the meaning of 'precis'?
Option-1 :to write meaning
Option-2 :write in own words
Option-3 :write a paragraph
Option-4 :to cut short
Question 5 : For attempting a precis it is very essential that one should___ the passage thoronghly.
Option-1 :read
Option-2 :know grammar
Option-3 :larc knowledge
Option-4 :understand
Question 6 : What is the important point for good attempt in precis writing?
Option-1 :Know good english
Option-2 :speaking power
Option-3 :better knowldege
Option-4 :general idea of the massage
Question 7 : What is the rule of precis writing ?
Option-1 :slowly and carefull read the passage
Option-2 :go throngh and write
Option-3 :spend long time in reading
Option-4 :It rhonldbe cdemsy and two long
Question 8 : Rules of precis writing :-
Option-1 :unit very important point
Option-2 :use minor details and comp arisons
Option-3 :Avoid all irrelevant things
Option-4 :use derect form of speech
Question 9 : What is the method of making a good precis?
Option-1 :note the important and central ideas
Option-2 :use present tense
Option-3 :use first person and direct spech
Option-4 :title should be long
Question 10 : In precis writing always give the title to the passage at the ____ of the pracise
Option-1 :top or bottom
Option-2 :clumdy and title
Option-3 :without any title
Option-4 :the top only
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