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Question 1 : The driving real axles moves up and down ,the propeller shaft has one or more___________ to take care of jerks in the rear axles
Option-1 : ship joints.
Option-2 :elbow joints.
Option-3 :releease joints
Option-4 :universal joint
Question 2 : In the differential ,the crown wheel is attached to the ___
Option-1 : bevel gear
Option-2 :bevel pinion
Option-3 :differential case
Option-4 :propeller shaft.
Question 3 : More often ,the condition that draws attention to troubleshooting in the differential is__
Option-1 :rough operation
Option-2 :noise
Option-3 :power loss.
Question 4 : The universal joints permit a change in_
Option-1 : Length of shaft.
Option-2 :speed of rolation.
Option-3 :Angle of drive.
Question 5 : The centre past pf a typical unviersal joints is called the __________________
Option-1 :trunnion.
Option-2 :joint
Option-3 :hearing
Option-4 : sprider.
Question 6 : The drive lines consists of the propeller shaft______
Option-1 :drive and unviersal joints.
Option-2 :Universal joints& slip joints.
Option-3 :slip joints and universal joints.
Question 7 : The type of starter motor employed in automobile vehicle is the-------------------
Option-1 :shunt woundmotor
Option-2 :series wound motor
Option-3 :indnction motor
Option-4 :none
Question 8 : Thestaring system consists of------------------
Option-1 :a battery ,a switch and the dtnamo
Option-2 :a battery ,a switch and a starter
Option-3 :a battery,a switch and distributor
Option-4 :none
Question 9 : If the battery charge isvery low----------------
Option-1 :The starter will cromk the engine
Option-2 :current will not flow through the armatnre
Option-3 :the starter will not crank the engine
Option-4 :none
Question 10 : A high--tension is produced when the-----------------
Option-1 :CB points closes
Option-2 :CB points opens
Option-3 :ignition condenser is remove
Option-4 :ignition coil secondary is opened
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