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MP 111
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Question 1 : It if an operation of forming the edges of a component in to a roll.
Option-1 :curling
Option-2 :forming
Option-3 :drawing operation
Option-4 :coining
Question 2 : It is used fro drawing circles or areas on sheet metal
Option-1 :scriber
Option-2 :punch
Option-3 :divider
Option-4 :protroctor
Question 3 : The practical art of sheet metal lies in the making of different shapes by adopting different operations like
Option-1 :shearing
Option-2 :bending
Option-3 :drawing
Option-4 :all of the abvoe
Question 4 : Name the Hammer which has squared flat face and a tappered pan with bevelied end.
Option-1 :Ball pan Hammer
Option-2 :cross pan Hammer
Option-3 :setting Hammer
Option-4 :collect Hammer
Question 5 : It is a joint made by fasting two edges together
Option-1 :hom
Option-2 :nibbign
Option-3 :lancing
Option-4 :seam
Question 6 : It is used fro producting circular laps ands circular folded seam
Option-1 :hatchat stake
Option-2 :furnel stake
Option-3 :half moon stake
Option-4 :beak horn stake
Question 7 : If has a bluish-black appearance and is often refered to as uncoated sheet
Option-1 :Black iron
Option-2 :Tin plate
Option-3 :Aluminum
Option-4 :All of the above
Question 8 : The seam used to join flat plate to a cylindrical piece.
Option-1 :Flanged seam
Option-2 :Double seam
Option-3 :grooved seam
Option-4 :Dovetait seam
Question 9 : It is used to sink the bottom when shapping a Tray.
Option-1 :setting Hammer
Option-2 :Tray hamer
Option-3 :collect Hammer
Option-4 :All of the above
Question 10 : Name the die in whcih two or more cutting operation are accomplished at one station of the press in very stroke of the ram.
Option-1 :Combination die
Option-2 :Rubber die
Option-3 :compound die
Option-4 :all of the abvoe
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