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Question 1 : The C.O.P of a heat pump for all the operating temperature limits equal to
Option-1 :[C.O.P] ref.
Option-2 :[1+C.O.P] ref.
Option-3 :[C.O.P]ref-1
Option-4 :1/[C.O.P]ref
Question 2 : In a vapour compression cylce the refrigerant is in the form of supreheated vapour before passing through
Option-1 :condenser
Option-2 :evaporator
Option-3 :compressor
Option-4 :throttle valve
Question 3 : The widely used refrigerant in domestic refrigerator is
Option-1 :carbondioxide
Option-2 :ammonia
Option-3 :freon-12
Option-4 :sulphuredioxide
Question 4 : A refrigerating machine
Option-1 :removes heat from a high temperature region to transfer it to a low temperature region
Option-2 :rejects energy to a low temperature region
Option-3 :removes heat from a low temperature region to transfer it to a high temperature region
Option-4 :none of the obove
Question 5 : The co-efficient of performance [c.o.p] is defined as
Option-1 :[work done on the system]/[Heat absorbed from the system ]
Option-2 :Heat absorbed from system]/[work done on the system ]
Option-3 :[Heat absorbed-work done ]/[work done on the system]
Option-4 : [work done on the system]/[heat absorbed -work done]
Question 6 : The capacity of a refrigerator is one tonne .This means that the heat removing capacity [or refrigeration effect] of the refrigerator is
Option-1 :1000 kcal/hr
Option-2 :2000 kcal /hr
Option-3 :3000 kcal /hr
Option-4 :4000 kcal/hr
Question 7 : The C.O.P of a refrgerating machine ,when lower temperature is fixed ,can be improved by
Option-1 :raising the higher temperature
Option-2 :lowering the higher temperature
Option-3 :keeping higher temperature
Option-4 :first increasing then decreasing
Question 8 : The refrigerating effect means
Option-1 :The heat rejected from the system per hour
Option-2 :The work done on the system
Option-3 :heat absorbed in the cycle from the body or space to be cooled.
Option-4 :none of the above
Question 9 : One tonne refrigeration in S.I units is equivalent to
Option-1 :50 KJ/min
Option-2 :3.5kw
Option-3 :3000J/min
Option-4 :200 KJ/min
Question 10 : Choose the correct statements
Option-1 :The co- efficient of performance is always less than one
Option-2 :The horse power per ton of refrigeration is 4 degree 75*[C.O.P]
Option-3 :In S,I units , one tonne of refrigeration is equal to 210KJ /min
Option-4 :In a refrigerating machine heat rejected is less than heat absorbed
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